Aluminum Composite Panel (ACM Panels)

Aluminum composite panel (ACM panels) is a popular and aesthetically pleasing partitioning material. It’s multipurpose and available in a wide range of types and thicknesses. Durability, exceptional surface evenness, extraordinary inflexibility, and outstanding mechanical quality are some of its defining characteristics.

What Are Applications For Composite Aluminum Panels?


Development companies utilize ACP for interior and exterior engineering cladding due to its adaptability and durability. Current development uses ACP to extend structure and coating life. but Fire-retardant Aluminum Composite Panels are also non-combustible. Fire safety on construction sites is amazing.


In many Workplaces these days, the goal is to make the best use of the available floor space. In this way, they use inner parcels to create separate rooms.

ACM panel installation are usually used for this. This shows how well it works and how easy it is to take care of. It is really great to get allotments. It’s easy to divide things up. It is a fantastic way to make more room in an office. 

Bogus Ceilings

ACM panel installation help control the temperature and add to the beauty of the inside structure. All in all, ACP is the best choice for this kind of use. There is polyethylene in the middle, and the outside acts as a heat confirmation operator to handle heat. When it comes to the sheet on the outside, it will be very strong, which will increase the material’s life expectancy compared to other materials in the same category.

How Strong Are Aluminum Composite Panels?

Aluminum composite panels are an excellent choice in terms of cladding system because they are lightweight and are strong. Aluminum claddings are 66% lighter than steel claddings, making them a great and practical alternative for architects who previously relied on steel. 

How To Install An Aluminum Composite Panel?

The Installation process is quite straightforward, Below are the steps:

Clean the surface thoroughly, including fingerprints.

Install panel in a week.

Push the panel onto the exposed tacky tape surface.

Apply final pressure to all panel bond areas.

Apply Silicone seal around the panels’ perimeter.

Are Aluminum Facade Panels The Best Solution For Cladding?

Undoubtedly, Yes. When it comes to cladding a building, aluminum facade panels are a top pick. While there are many contributing factors, the three most important are longevity, low maintenance, and efficiency. It is also fire and pest resistant, so it is a great material for exterior cladding. Aluminum is a popular choice among business building owners because of how little upkeep it requires.

What Is The Reason Behind The Huge Popularity Of ACP Sheets?

The main reason for choosing the aluminum composite panel is because of its lightweight, moreover it is easy to install from other materials. This ACP stuff is sturdy and simple to control. Another justification is that it helps save money.

What Are The Benefits of a Copper Composite Panel?

CCP has durability and flatness that can’t be beat.

Copper’s ability to form a matte finish keeps its natural beauty and cuts down on the cost of paints.

Can You Use A hole Saw On Aluminum?

Yes, But it is not recommended by the experts. If you want to cut anything other than wood, though, you’ll need to invest in a Bimetallic Hole Saw or a precise High Speed Steel Hole Saw, rather than the more affordable but less effective Carbon Steel Hole Saw.

Aluminum composite panels appear to be highly appealing in light of these results. This is because of the vast array of useful properties they possess, including resilience, insulation, and infinite adaptability.

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A car parked in front of a house with glass windows.
Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP)
A large building with a lot of windows and doors
Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP)
A modern style home with wood siding and concrete floors.
Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP)
A modern house with a lot of windows and doors.
Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP)
A building with a black metal fence and some trees
Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP)

Color Chart


Claddingpros provides assistance in finding the right color match for your store’s cladding project and brand identity.

Our services are utilized by various well-known brands throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). This can be compared to ALPOLIC’s Corporate ID Program, which aims to provide brands with suitable cladding and signage options for their storefronts.


Solid Neutral Colors


ACM refers to a type of Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) that comes in solid, neutral colors.


Stone & Metal and Wood Pattern ACM

This line of Solid Neutral Colors ACM also comes with a 20-year finish warranty. This means that the manufacturer guarantees the durability and quality of the finish for a period of 20 years from the date of purchase. This warranty ensures that the ACM will maintain its color and finish quality, as well as resist fading, chalking, or cracking due to weather or environmental factors, for the duration of the warranty period.

Technical Details

We offer detailed catalogs and technical information on our products, including information on all available finishes. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us or leave a note, and our consultants will be in touch with you shortly to assist you.

ALPOLIC®/fr (fire-retardant) is a type of Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) that contains a mineral-filled core. It provides the same level of rigidity, workability, formability, and overall quality features as standard ALPOLIC®/PE.
Unveil your brand identity with accurately matched colors that maintain their vibrancy, tone, and gloss for an extended period

ALPOLIC® Timber Series

ALPOLIC® Timber Series materials are produced using an innovative image transfer process that utilizes the latest fluoropolymer paint technology. This process results in a high-quality and realistic wood-grain pattern that is both durable and weather-resistant.


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ACM panels
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Aluminum composite panels are an excellent choice in terms of cladding system because they are lightweight and are strong. Aluminum claddings are 66% lighter than steel claddings, making them a great and practical alternative for architects who previously relied on steel. To meet the demands of contractors and construction firms, most manufacturers are racing to develop stronger and lighter ACM panels. ACM panels have grown in popularity over the years because of their reliable performance

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